Mole Extermination Tips

Moles can cause a great deal of damage once it invaded our property. Organizing and primping our lawn takes a considerable amount of time and effort but it will only take a couple of hours for the mole to destroy it. Furthermore, with their persistent digging skills, they can destroy the roots of the trees and plants that we’ve nurtured for years. Moles do not have sturdy jaws but they still have their strong hands.

Lethal and Non-Lethal Method When Eliminating Moles
When someone wants to remove moles from their house, they are not thinking of trapping and relocating them. Most of them would prefer to just kill them. However, you need to make sure that killing them is not forbidden by the law. Ask your local wildlife agency to know how to properly deal with this animal.

Lethal Method
There are three lethal methods that you can use when getting rid of the moles. You can have the predator deal with moles, poison them, or a use lethal trap.

Lethal traps- pincer traps are probably one of the deadliest traps. Setting it up can be time consuming and it can lead to a messy situation. In case you are using a pincer trap, make sure to purchase at least two that you can place on both openings of the tunnel. Pincer traps can also be considered indiscriminate killer since there is a possibility that other animals will be captured on your trap.

Predator- there are professional exterminators that are recommending the use of the natural predator when getting rid of them. You can build owl boxes that will encourage the barn owls to live in your area. Nonetheless, if there are no sufficient foods, the owls will decide to leave your property. Dogs and cats are also natural predators of the mole.

Poison- With regards to the poisons, there are four options to choose from; strychnine, zinc phosphide, chlorophacione, and Aluminum Phosphide. Remember that when you are using poison, you are not in full control on the animals that will ingest it. You are also exposing your kids in the same danger.

Non-Lethal Method
If you don’t want to deal with the mole invasion, make sure that you have some deterrence that will drive them away. You can deter them by planting specific type of plants or by creating loud noises. The width of the plant can serve as a fence that will keep them at bay. Another good repellent would be the use of the waste of their predator. The scent of the dog and cats can easily scare them away.

Finally, you should also make your place less ideal for them. For instance, you can limit their sources for food and water. Install a chicken wire and make sure that it is buried at least 1-foot below the surface. These are just some of the method that will help you deal with the infestation effectively.

When choosing between the lethal or the non-lethal method, we usually recommend the human method. This comes with a lower risk and it is also inexpensive.

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