Pigeon and Bird Extermination Tips

Bird infestation can become a major and expensive problem for the residential and commercial property owner. The dropping of the bird is acidic and can degrade the quality of the metals. This will result to a costly repainting and repairing. The nest that they create can block the sunlight and will reduce the efficiency of your solar panels. Apart from that, the droppings of the pigeon can carry more than 60 diseases. The problems related with pigeon infestation indeed require immediate action.

Lethal and Non Lethal Method to Get Rid of Pigeons and Birds
The populations of the pigeons are commonly controlled using the lethal means. This is due to the fact that they are not endangered. The use of the lethal method is prohibited and may require specific type of licenses. However, killing of the feral pigeons will only require general licenses. Acquiring a general license will require you to prove that the non-lethal method is ineffective or impractical.

Lethal Method
People normally use the lethal method to immediately control the population of the pigeons. Nonetheless, based on the study conducted at Basel University the lethal control will not reduce the population of the pigeons. In the long run it can even increase the size of the flock.

Kill Traps- the use of the kill traps would be ineffective especially if you are dealing with a severe type of bird infestation. Cage trapping is also expensive and the number of birds that you can capture varies. Once the birds realized that the trap is a dangerous zone, you can no longer rely on your kill traps.

Shooting- While this can be effective in killing the birds and pigeons, using firearms is illegal in most of the states. In the country sides, shooting is mostly used to kill wood pigeons and other birds that are feeding on the crops.

Stupefying Bait- You will need a special license issued by the DEFRA before you can use this lethal method. This may be effective but it takes time for the drug to take effect.

Non-Lethal Method
Killing the pigeon and birds is not only downright cruel; it also does not target the root cause of the problem. This will only lead to an endless killing cycle. This is why we still recommend the non-lethal method.

Using bird repellents- repellents are designed to make the roosting area inhospitable to them without the need to harm them. It comes in a liquid or gel form. This is an inexpensive method and can be used by anyone.

Ovocontrol- this is a product that affects the pigeons rate of reproduction. You are basically giving the pigeons with free foods while controlling their population. It will take at least 6 months before you notice the effect of the product.

In case you are seeking a professional to deal with the bird infestation, you need to do your homework. Controlling the population of the pigeon is a special skill in the industry of wildlife controls. It is a complex and time-consuming task and only those with the right expertise and knowledge can deliver the right solution.

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