What Are the Common Problems That Rats Cause?

Having a rat inside your home will expose you to numerous risks. Rats cannot only damage the structure of your home but it is also a possible carrier of zoonotic diseases. The rats will normally enter our property to seek for comfort and food. There are times when they will stay for a longer period especially if our homes are too conducive for them. Rats can enter our home through a tiny hole and they can reproduce at a massive rate. You will need to act fast to bring an end to this rat infestation problems.

Different Problems Caused by Rats
Rat’s infestation can cost you hundreds or probably thousands depending on the extent of the damage they caused. Using deterrent to prevent them from accessing your property is still the best way to stay away from the hassles and stress related with wildlife infestation. Here are some of the problems that a small family of rats can cause.

Electrical Damages
The growth of the rat’s teeth can only be controlled through excessive gnawing and chewing. They will chew on almost anything inside our house. One of their favorite targets would be our electrical wirings. The damages on our electrical system will not only be expensive to repair, it can also be dangerous. Once the insulation of the electrical wires have been removed, the live wires will be exposed that can lead to accidental electrocution. In addition, it can also spark and can cause fire. The rats can damage our electric panels that can affect our supply or electricity.

Structural Damage
Rats are equipped with strong and sharp teeth that are intended for chewing and gnawing. Furniture, woods, and sheetrock are basically no match when it comes to a persistent rat. They can create holes in our walls and roof to have a convenient access to our attic. The rats can unconsciously weaken the foundation of our homes. The holes that they create can lead to water damage. Different types of pests can also use this as an access point.

Food Contamination
Based on the latest report, the rats have the capacity to contaminate and destroy foods that are reserved for 200 million individuals on a yearly basis. The germs and bacteria found in the excrement of the rats have the capacity to contaminate the various surfaces in our house. These pathogens can easily build up and spread all over our home. The disturb droppings of the rats can cause the germs to be airborne that is much dangerous and can lead to salmonella, Leptospirosis and Hantavirus.

Annoying Smell
The rats are also commonly linked to annoying odors that can develop to a severe health issues. If the infestation persists, the unpleasant scent can irritate our respiratory tract, cause allergies and aggravate our asthma condition. Sometimes, the rats will also die in hard-to-reach and confined spaces in our house which may require fumigation to address the unbearable scent. As we commonly mention, prevention is always the best way to address the infestation. In case you can target the root cause of the issue, you will be able to prevent the possible damages of these pests.

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